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American Building Components is one of the country’s most trusted manufacturers of metal roofing systems and wall panels for residential applications. With benefits ranging from low maintenance to energy efficiency, metal is the foremost roofing material in the industry. ABC’s broad spectrum of colors and superior quality panels help extend the life of your roof while giving you the beauty and comfort you expect from your home. Through a nationwide network of manufacturing facilities and distributorships, ABC is able to provide complete roof and building solutions, including an expansive line of standard trims and accessories.  

ABC metal roofing is recognized for its durability and resistance to inclement weather, protecting your home against wind, hail, ice, snow and fire. Metal roofs from ABC are coated with ENERGY STAR® qualified paint and meet the requirements of the Cool Roof Rating Council. When properly designed and installed, a cool metal roof can reduce energy consumption, providing significant cost savings and immediate return on your investment as they absorb up to 34% less heat than asphalt shingles.  

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