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With the damaging effects of sun, hail, gale-force winds and freeze and thaw cycles, roofing materials are at odds with the weather year-round. DaVinci’s unique composite construction outperforms both natural slate and cedar shake. But the real genius of a DaVinci roof lies in its ability to provide lasting beauty and a constant source of pride. 

Nobody offers you more color options than DaVinci – your only limitation is your imagination. Our industry-leading standard color palette is just the beginning. As our name implies, our ability to blend colors and create drama is unparalleled. Our tiles are modeled from actual slate and hand-split shake for natural, non-repeating beauty that endures in any climate. DaVinci tiles are made of pure virgin resins fortified with state-of-the-art UV stabilizers for the greatest degree of color control and consistency. The color you pick is the color you keep. Due to DaVinci’s performance features, many insurance companies offer reduced rates and/or deductibles when switching from cedar or slate, especially in high wind-, fire- or hail-prone areas. 

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