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Today, a quality, expertly-installed slate roof can last as long as a century – two to three times as long as many alternative roofing materials. While its more expensive than some of the synthetic options, when you account for longevity, it’s by far the most cost-effective. And the looks are incomparable. In the centuries to come, different technologies will appear, and different materials will rise and fall – but it’s for that reason more than any other that there will still always be demand for natural slate roofs. There’s a reason thousands of architects, hundreds of roofers and countless homeowners across the world choose to rely on SSQ for a beautiful, quality roof.  When you need a breath-taking roof that is as reliable and long lasting as it is aesthetically stunning, SSQ is the only choice.  SSQ slate is not simply a material to put on your roof; its style and quality is a tradition. 

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