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TAMKO offers a complete line of accessories to help support their roofing products, as well as building materials that include waterproofing, window and door wraps, asphalt cements and coatings, insulation facer and many of our own raw materials, such as glass mat, dry felt, processed asphalt, paper cores, polyester mats and crushed limestone.  TAMKO also offers additional accessories that are designed to lie beneath the shingles. Together, TAMKO shingles and accessories help craft beautiful roofs for homes across the country. TAMKO's line of commercial products can be used for a variety of low-slope roofing applications. We offer a wide variety of low-slope base and cap sheets that work together to help provide a framework for commercial roofs. TAMKO offers a range of above- and below-grade SBS-modified waterproofing products. From foundations to balcony and breezeways, windows, doors and the roof, TAMKO has waterproofing products for every application. 

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