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Every day we challenge ourselves to Go Against the Grain® by using our superior technology to create natural-looking decking and railing products that last longer, are more sustainable, and perform (and look) better than actual wood. At TimberTech, we operate a little differently than others because our customers have asked companies to step up their game. It’s no coincidence we create superior products that perform better in tough environments, require such low-maintenance, and look good for decades — it’s what our customers have asked of us. We’re not just building great decks. We’re building a brand everyone can trust. Our brand exists to challenge convention. To rage against mediocrity. We believe “Good Enough” is never enough. We are TimberTech. And as our name implies, we use technology to create decking and rail products which look like natural wood, but are more sustainable, longer-lasting and much easier to work with. Using technology, we make designing and building the most amazing outdoor spaces not only effortless but truly inspiring—a perfect reflection of our customers’ imagination and style.

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